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Questions and Answers

How do I keep my purchases fresh?

Cupcakes are best stored in a cool dry area at room temperature. With proper storage, your cupcakes should remain delicious for two days.  Refrigerating your cupcakes will cause them to become dry. 

Allergen & Dietary information

As Esther & Olivia Bouqcakes is a residential home bakery operating under California Cottage Food Laws, all of our cupcakes are made in a kitchen that also uses nuts, wheat/gluten, dairy and soy.

How do I transport my cupcakes?

Just as real flowers are fragile, so are your Esther & Olivia Bouqcakes flowers, so please handle them with care.  Please keep your cupcakes level at all times.  Support the bottom of the cupcake box and please carry with both hands.  When placing in your vehicle, please have a clean and level surface prepared.  The cupcakes should not be stacked on top of anything, and there should not be anything placed on top of the cupcake box.  Please do not transport in a lap.  Please be sure to have the car air conditioning on and ensure the car is cool prior to and after picking up your cupcakes.  Do not leave cupcakes in the car and please keep them out of the sun.  Avoid fast braking of your vehicle and please do drive carefully.

Do you ship?

We do not offer shipping.

How will I receive my cupcakes

All orders are for collection only, once an order is confirmed, the collection address will be provided.

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